Rita Jahan Foruz is an Israeli-Persian pop singer and actress, notable for being one of Israel’s most famous female singers. Rita Jahan Foruz immigrated to Israel from Iran with her family when she was eight years old. On the eve of her forty-ninth birthday, with enormous tension between Tehran and Jerusalem looming in the background, she records her first album in Farsi. As she prepares her album for release, we discover an intimate family portrait, with close ties between Rita, her sisters and their parents. They share a deep longing for their country of birth, which is no longer accessible to them, and for their extended family now scattered around the world.
25 years after her career began; Rita continued to prove, with crowded venues and with multi-platinum albums, that she is a unique phenomenon. 2013 was a remarkable year for Rita: her journey to share her messages of tolerance and gap bridging throughout music continued, after recording her first ever Persian album. What started off at the UN’s assembly hall, with an unforgettable performance in front of international delegations, continued vigorously: She had the honor to perform for Obama’s historical visit to Israel. She also released a children’s book (“The Girl with a Brave Heart”) and starred in an autobiographical documentary.
The recent documentary about her extraordinary life, as well as her first ever Persian album, exposed her internationally to many audiences who were fascinated by her remarkable life. Since then, Rita continues to perform, act (My Fair Lady) and sing. She travels the world, performing and telling her life story in various panels, conventions and colleges and is constantly being asked to serve as keynote speaker, around the world. Rita’s journey continues as she has recently launched her first ever 2CD compilation – which marks 30 years of nonstop activity.

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